• How many digital experiences make up for a physical one?

    Here’s a thought experiment: would you prefer talking to someone every day just over text chat or would you rather meet them once a week for an hour? What if instead of a week, you only met once a month – would that change your answer?

  • git diff: Twitter Privacy Policy

    I got an email from Twitter yesterday titled 'Important updates to our Privacy Policy'. My first impulse was to delete the email 'cuz ain't nobody got time for that. But then, I decided to actually have a look - the first time in the history of receiving these kinds of mails. This is what I found.

  • Digital Hoarding Services

    I have a problem: I like to hoard links. I know you have that problem too. Everyone does. Read more to get some tips from the time when I decided to do some spring cleaning

  • The Art of Getting By / Barely Breathing

    A look at my regretful past of rote learning and being a 'successful' student

  • Can You Think Outside the Box?

    What do advertisers and recruiters mean when they say 'Think Outside the Box'? Let's explore...

  • A Profit/Loss Analysis Of My Engineering "Education"

    Has the money I've spent in my engineering education been worth it?

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